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Clutch Pump

  • Function to transfer pressure through the clutch cylinder producing oil pressure when the clutch pedal is operating.
  • Fixed on the dashboard panel and connected to the clutch pedal as a coupling structure.

Clutch Cylinder

  • Device that cuts or transfers power from an engine by pushing the release fork with oil pressure produced from the clutch pump.
  • It is fixed on the side of the clutch housing (T/M) and assembled with a clutch release fork.
  • Corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance.

Brake Pump

  • Fast response and high braking efficiency (double action)
  • Function connected to the Brake Booster to produce oil pressure by activating the brake pedal. This pressure transmitted through the hoses and lines of the system creates the necessary pressure in the brake caliper and cylinders.

Brake Cylinder

  • This element is responsible for carrying out the lateral movement of the shoes for braking the drum.
  • The movement of the piston, operated by the oil pressure produced by the brake master cylinder, fixes the shoes to the drum to provide brake energy.