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Innovative Aluminum Pipe System
for Compressed Air

Transair® offers a compressed air piping system that is easy to assemble, change or expand, innovative and energy efficient. With Transair®, labor costs represent between 10 and 20% of the investment for the implementation of the compressed air system, compared to labor costs for carbon steel systems, which represent between 60 and 80%. % from the investment. The type of material and modular design of a Transair® piping system makes it faster and less expensive to install than traditional systems. Transair® aluminum pipe is easier to handle and assemble at height than traditional steel pipe. Additionally, push-to-connect connectors ensure pipe connection with a simple push, which is much faster and safer than welding or threading.

Industrial sectors

Transair adapts to all industrial sectors.

  The Transair system, recognized for its performance, is installed in most industrial sectors, from origin to point of use:  

  • Drinks and food
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Hydrocarbons
  • cement plant
  • Paper bin
  • Textile
  • Laboratory / Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Construction materials
  • Metalworking
  • Mining
  • Petrochemistry

For all types of projects

Transair® is the best option for new installations or pipe expansions.

Como especialista en redes de fluidos industriales, Transair ofrece una solución innovadora que cubre las necesidades de los usuarios más exigentes, ya sea para Ia salida de compresores, para Ia red principal o para alimentar los puntos de utilización: 

  • High flow performance for all diameters, resulting in greater efficiency. 
  • Air quality (ISO 8573-1 class 1-1-1) from production to the point of use.
  • Light and compact products to improve operating conditions and facilitate integration. 
  • Quick and easy installation for easy maintenance and reduced downtime.
  • Detachable system and reusable products to reduce costs. 

Transair is the best option to modernize old networks.

Transair is the economical, reliable and effective alternative to traditional steel networks. Replace your old steel pipe network with Transair to optimize your operating costs and benefit from huge improvements in your productivity:  

  • Lower roughness and larger internal diameter; Maximum flow rate 20% higher than with steel pipes, energy savings in the compressor.  
  • No corrosion – costs of changing filter elements are reduced.  
  • Constant air quality to reduce maintenance costs on machines and equipment.  

Advantages of the Transair® Aluminum System

Transair aluminum is the 1st. option for compressed air, vacuum applications and neutral gases.

Pressure and flow

  • The widest range of diameters, from 16.5 mm to 168 mm. 
  • Full bore connections to reduce pressure losses. 

Air quality

  • Transair complies with ISO 8573 air quality standard, class 1-1-1. 


  • The lightness of the pipes and the elimination of welds improve the working conditions of installers, without the need to obtain permits for hot work (flame / fire). 
  • Garantía de calidad acorde con las normas más exigentes de la industria. 
  • The safest connection technology for each diameter. 

Quick installation to reduce downtime 

  • All-in-one fittings and connections to meet the specific needs of each pipe and customized products according to customer requirements. 
  • Installing a downspout to connect a machine in less than 7 minutes. 
  • Easy-to-use technology: the risk of errors during installation is minimized. 
  • Intercambiabilidad y desmontaje lateral: Reducción de la mano de obra durante las ampliaciones y las modificaciones. 


  • Transair ofrece servicios de soporte técnico para cada fase del proyecto, desde el estudio técnico hasta la entrega y la formación in situ. 

Energy saving

In industry, compressed air represents one of the greatest opportunities for immediate energy savings. Plant management is often surprised to learn that compressed air can account for 20-50% of the plant's electric bill and that using an efficient piping system designed specifically for compressed air can reduce your energy bill by between 30 and 60%, often in a period of less than 24 months. 

In addition, the plant continues saving in:

  • Increases the reliability of the plant.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and increases the life of the equipment.
  • Reduces stops, increasing production ranges.

Installation Time Savings

Transair offers a modular compressed air system that guarantees lower costs installation and lower long-term operating costs.

Successful plant operations must be able to take advantage of new equipment options and production techniques.

automation without incurring long periods of downtime and expenses.

Therefore. The ability to reconfigure production designs or implement process changes quickly is critical.

Transair makes reconfiguration practical and efficient compared to traditional steel and copper pipe solutions. Quick to install and easy to modify, Transair is the most versatile compressed air piping system available.

La mano de obra representa sólo el 20% del costo de instalación de Transair en comparación con el 50 al 80% de la instalación de sistemas de acero o cobre.

Transair components are also removable and interchangeable, allowing plant maintenance personnel to implement many design changes in a matter of minutes, not hours.

This minimizes downtime and increases plant productivity and efficiency. 

Transair can also be easily integrated into existing copper and steel pipes without compromising performance, making it ideal for upgrades or expansion projects that frequently occur in industries.

Thanks to the lateral disassembly of the Transair tube and the 'quick connect' bypass flanges, dismounting is carried out very quickly (less than 7 min.) and guarantees the cleanliness of the transported fluid.